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We have continued to be innovators for our industry, with an entrepreneurial culture that is never satisfied with the status quo, for ourselves or for our clients.

Ekogaming Turkish Roulette

7/24 Uninterrupted Live Casino

Limitless Casino !

We have dealings with major live casino companies and will have solution partnerships with new companies in the future. You have the option to keep any Casino company inactivated in your system.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • 7/24 Turkish Live BlackJack stream
  • 7/24 Support Service
  • Easy Integration
  • 100 % Mobile Support
  • All Devices Support
  • 7/24 Woman Dealers
  • 7/24 Turkish Dealers
  • 100 % Secure Systems
  • We have Curacao Licence !
  • Easy To Use Management Panel
  • 10.000 + Costumers
  • Support All Devices